HASS and the Future Workforce

With HASS graduates comprising almost two thirds of Australia’s future workforce, it is essential that their contributions are properly understood.

The key messages of this report are:

1. HASS supplies two thirds of Australia’s workforce
2. The contribution of HASS has been undervalued
3. HASS skills are highly prized by all industry sectors
4. HASS skills are increasingly relevant to Australia’s future workforce
5. Everyone benefits from improved understanding of HASS

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Mapping HASS degree enrolments and completions, 2013-2018

This project aims to provide DASSH members and stakeholders with comprehensive data and analysis about enrolment and completion trends for Australian HASS degrees. Whereas previous reports have tended to focus only on data for trends in Bachelor of Arts degrees, this project includes data relating to all under- and postgraduate HASS degrees (including double degrees) regardless of their formal titles.

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Nature and Roles of Arts Degrees in Contemporary Society

This Bachelor of Arts (BA) Benchmarking Project provides an update on the previously completed 2008 project. The project focussed on understanding the nature and role of a Bachelor of Arts degree in contemporary Australia, including mapping the diversity of programs on offer between 2001-11, identifying the major strengths, difficulties, capabilities and program contributions as well as providing base-line data on accessible models for future faculty curriculum planning and development.

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