Becoming a member of DASSH

To join DASSH or enquire about an institutional membership, please contact

  • People who hold senior positions of responsibility for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences in the relevant faculties, or their equivalents, in a member university in Australia and New Zealand are encouraged to join DASSH.
  • All universities in Australia and New Zealand are eligible to become members of DASSH.
  • DASSH membership is made up of fee-paying universities in Australia and New Zealand.
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DASSH members

  • Exert strong leadership in the strategic development of their universities.
  • Lead their faculties, deploying resources, developing structures and ensuring efficient functionality.
  • Extend their leadership into the wider community, nationally and internationally.
  • Are respected amongst their peers and the community.
  • Are recognised and rewarded for their work and contribution to leadership in research and education
  • Influence a wide variety of issues and policies.

DASSH has 44 member institutions across Australia and New Zealand.

Benefits of DASSH membership include:

  • Be part of research projects
  • Have input into policy submissions
  • Engage directly with other peak bodes and government departments and agencies
  • Meet with colleagues from around Australia at regular networking events
  • Benefit from shared resources and support
  • Hear the latest news and get the latest on opportunities
  • Attend our annual conference
  • Form connections with leaders from other countries