Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) Degrees

Powering Workforce Transformation Through Creativity, Critical Thinking and Human Interaction

With HASS graduates comprising almost two thirds of Australia’s future workforce, it is essential that their contribution is properly understood.

As work is transformed by accelerating automation and digitisation, skills such as problem solving, communication and design thinking are among those most in demand by employers. This is particularly true in technical fields where collaboration is recognised as key to translating technical and scientific developments into societal advances. As industry and society adapt to new ways of working, business reconnects with people and traditional career trajectories give way to portfolio careers and the gig economy, enterprising and entrepreneurial skills will be increasingly necessary to individuals and organisations.

In contrast with the ‘technical and specialist skills’ associated with STEM, there is no readily available shorthand for HASS. This report reviews recent literature and analysis to make the case for a clearer articulation of the value of HASS in the context of Australia’s future workforce.

The key messages of this report are:

1. HASS supplies two thirds of Australia’s workforce
2. The contribution of HASS has been undervalued
3. HASS skills are highly prized by all industry sectors
4. HASS skills are increasingly relevant to Australia’s future workforce
5. Everyone benefits from improved understanding of HASS

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