Mapping HASS degree enrolments and completions, 2013-2018

This project aims to provide DASSH members and stakeholders with comprehensive data and analysis about enrolment and completion trends for Australian HASS degrees. Whereas previous reports have tended to focus only on data for trends in Bachelor of Arts degrees, this project includes data relating to all under- and postgraduate HASS degrees (including double degrees) regardless of their formal titles.

DASSH plans to expand this project in the coming years as more data becomes available to improve the utility and validity of the time-series and, eventually, study the impacts of the Australian Government’s 2021 changes to student contributions to the fees for courses in many HASS disciplines.

The current report includes analysis of:

  • Overall enrolment and completion trends
  • Domestic and international student data
  • Data by geographical region
  • Data from Group of Eight universities compared with that of other universities
  • Differences between under- and postgraduate trends
  • Differences between single and double degree trends
  • Data by field of study