Professor Kurt Lushington is a Clinical Psychologist and Research Professor at the University of South Australia (UniSA). Kurt is an active member of the Behaviour-Brain-Body Research Centre and Centre for Work Excellence at UniSA and has three broad research interests. First, he is interested in the psychophysiology of sleep both applied and theoretical, and is currently working on projects examining sleep disruption, daytime functioning and pathophysiology in children, the impact of digital work and digital device use at night on sleep in both children and adults and exploring EEG measures of sleepiness. Second, he is interested in the impact of working in the digital environment where he is working on a longitudinal study examining, work and wellbeing in Australian university staff. Finally, he is interested in ageing well with a focus on financial wellbeing with studies examining financial socialisation and vulnerability to financial scams. Kurt has published 145 peer reviewed articles, 20 edited book chapters and 8 government reports. Senior academic positions include: Acting Pro-Vice Chancellor Education, Arts and Social Sciences; Head School of Psychology; Head School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy; and Discipline Head of Psychology.