Please join us for this dynamic and interactive workshop with Professor Alison Ross, Australian Research Council (ARC) Executive Director, Humanities and Creative Arts and Professor Anika Gauja ARC Executive Director Social, Behavioural and Economic Sciences. This is the first in a series of workshops connecting members directly with the ARC.

  • Where does the ARC fit into the current Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences research landscape?
  • Which schemes suit less or more the kinds of research Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences scholars and teams need?
  • Are Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences scholars and teams putting more trust into the ARC system and processes after the ministerial vetos two years ago?

These sessions will be an opportunity for DASSH and NOADD members (especially Associate Deans Research, Indigenous, Impact, Engagement, and Industry among other roles) to discuss with the ARC Executives the role of the ARC in the changing and challenging Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences research environment.   

This is your chance to give direct feedback, to engage in discussion and to gain insight into how you can benefit from existing and changing grant frameworks.

This session will be followed by another online workshop and an in person workshop at the DASSH Conference in September. A third session (post DASSH conference) will be set up for later in the year to draw together suggestions and guidelines for the ARC and give clarification.

Email NOADD Convenor Professor Andrea Rizzi to register for this event.