Submission 8
Submissions • March 2021

State of the Social Sciences Report

The Academy of Social Sciences in Australia asked stakeholders to identify critical issues for the social sciences to operate and deliver at their full potential.The final report identified 26 area-specific priorities, addressed in the sector snapshots, that relate to different parts of the social science ecosystem. Addressing these priorities through strategic and coordinated activity will… Continue Reading»

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Submission 10
Submissions • October 2020

National Priorities and Industry Linkage Fund Consultation

The National Priorities and Industry Linkage Fund is a part of the Job-ready Graduates package of higher education reforms. The NPILF allocates grants to universities to help engage industry to produce job-ready graduates. It focuses on the following three priorities: increase the number of internships, practicums, and other innovative approaches to work-integrated learning, increase the… Continue Reading»

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Submission 11
Submissions • October 2020

Parliamentary Inquiry into Creative Industries and Institutions

Australia’s cultural and creative industries and institutions were investigated by a Parliamentary inquiry. The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts heard evidence on the benefits the arts bring to Australia, and the significant impacts that COVID-19 has had on this important industry.

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Submission 12
Submissions • October 2020

ARC Excellence in Research for Australia and Engagement and Impact Consultation

The ARC undertook a review of EI (and its companion exercise Excellence in Research for Australia) during 2019 and 2020. The aim was to ensure that it continued to reflect the world’s best practice in research evaluation as well as responding to the needs of the university sector.

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Job Ready Graduates Package Senate Inquiry
Submissions • September 2020

Job-ready Graduates Package Senate Inquiry

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Higher Education Support Amendment (Job-Ready Graduates and Supporting Regional and Remote Students) Bill 2020. DASSH recommends significant changes to the draft legislation put forward for the Job-ready Graduates Package.

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Job Ready Graduates Package Draft Legislation Consultation
Submissions • August 2020

Job-ready Graduates Package draft legislation consultation

Submission to the Job-ready Graduates Package draft legislation consultation. DASSH urges the Parliament to amend the legislation to ensure that student contributions to the costs of a university education are made equal across all discipline clusters.

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Australian 2020 21 Pre Budget Submission
Submissions • December 2019

Australian 2020-21 Pre-Budget Submission

DASSH asks the Federal Government to prioritise investment in education and research, particularly in the humanities, arts and social sciences, in its 2020-21 Budget.

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Education Council Review Of Senior Secondary Pathways
Submissions • November 2019

Response to the Education Council review of Senior Secondary Pathways

DASSH members believe current secondary students need to be made aware of the need for continuing, lifelong education, both to manage their expectations of post-secondary courses and to relieve the anxiety that many students experience during the final years of secondary school.

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Acola Discussion Paper
Submissions • October 2019

Response to the ACOLA Discussion Paper, Enhancing Research Outcomes from Australia’s Regional, Rural and Remote Universities

DASSH recognises the vital role of Regional, Rural and Remote universities and campuses and supports ACOLA’s current project aiming to enhance research excellence in such institutions.

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Parliamentary Inquiry Into Nationhood, National Identity And Democracy
Submissions • September 2019

Response to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Nationhood, National Identity and Democracy

In responding to this discussion paper, DASSH focused on the role of humanities, arts and social sciences education in promoting, strengthening and securing the ongoing stability of democracy and democratic values in the Australian nation.

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Australian Academy Of The Humanities Discussion Paper
Submissions • June 2019

Submission – Australian Academy of the Humanities Discussion Paper: Future Humanities Workforce

In responding to this discussion paper, DASSH intends primarily to provide insights from the perspective of leaders in the academic humanities workforce. Our members’ knowledge in this sense is drawn from direct experience in defining strategic directions and managing academic personnel in university contexts, and from their understanding of graduate career pathways and non-academic employers’… Continue Reading»

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Australian And New Zealand Standard Research Classification Review
Submissions • June 2019

Submission to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC) Review

While DASSH supports the principles outlined in the Discussion Paper in general, members suggested that the task of research classification could be more effectively achieved and efficiently undertaken were it to draw on techniques arising from advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

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