Statements • September 2023

The Voice to Parliament Referendum

In May 2017 more than 250 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates from all over Australia signed the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Born from 12 Indigenous-led regional dialogues, its call for Voice, Treaty, and Truth is the result of the most proportionally significant consultation process of First Nations peoples Australia has ever seen. It… Continue Reading»

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Statements • May 2020

Statement from DASSH on the COVID-19 pandemic

Australia and New Zealand have so far avoided the worst of the COVID19 pandemic, and our governments should be lauded for the measures they have taken to limit the spread of the virus and support those who have faced loss of income. As we turn cautiously to think about recovery, it will be important to… Continue Reading»

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Statements • March 2020

Concerns regarding the ARC’s timeline for the SRI for Australian Society, History and Culture

Our members have expressed concerns in relation to the deadline for the Special Research Initiative for Australian Society, History and Culture.

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Statements • February 2020

Higher Education Support Act (2003) Amendments

Comments on the Proposed Legislative Amendments to the Higher Education Support Act (2003). DASSH recommends that reference to Freedom of Speech is removed from the proposed legislative amendments in the absence of constitutional reform.

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