Introducing NOADD

What is NOADD?

In response to feedback from members and our own observations of faculty structures, we are amalgamating our existing Associate Dean Networks and opening them to Associate Deans with portfolios not previously represented in our Networks, as well as Deputy Deans. By creating this new Network, we will be able to support all Associate Deans in our member faculties, and for the first time, we will have a space to provide professional development and networking opportunities for Deputy Deans.

Members of NOADD will have the chance to elect a Convenor later this year, who will act as NOADD’s voice to the DASSH Board and provide leadership to the group. Anyone interested in this role should contact me at

What does this mean for the old AD Networks and their members?

These networks will cease to exist in their previous form but will instead become Special Interest Groups within NOADD, each with an elected leader fulfilling roughly the same roles as the current AD Network Convenors. We will maintain the group distribution lists (e.g. so ADs with similar interests can continue to share ideas and questions.

We will add any Associate or Deputy Dean from our member faculties (regardless of title) to these groups upon request. If critical mass exists for any other AD portfolio types, we will work with you to create additional Special Interest Groups.

Will there be NOADD meetings?

Yes! DASSH will fund and provide administrative support for two meetings of NOADD per year, with one meeting normally coinciding with the DASSH Conference. Each meeting will be organised by the NOADD Convenor in consultation with members and support from the Special Interest Group leaders.

Given the events of 2020, there will be an expectation that members can attend at least part of the meeting online, but we recognise there are additional benefits of meeting in-person and so are committed to maintaining physical gatherings when possible.

What’s next for NOADD?

The DASSH elections will take place mid-year, at which time you’ll be able to elect your convenor and Special Interest Group leaders. We’ll be holding an inaugural (virtual) meeting of NOADD in the coming months, and welcome anyone who’d like to contribute to make yourselves known to

Back at DASSH HQ, we’ll also be doing some behind the scenes jiggery-pokery to ensure our website reflects changes and preserves the materials included on the existing AD Network pages.

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