The Network of Associate and Deputy Deans (NOADD) provides unique networking and professional development opportunities for Associate and Deputy Deans and acts as a channel through which they can advocate for issues of importance in their roles.

Launched in 2020, NOADD membership includes all Associate and Deputy Deans (or their equivalents) working in DASSH member-faculties. Within NOADD, there are six Special Interest Groups which allow members to focus their engagement in the Network on the topics that are most important to them.

The NOADD Special Interest Groups are:
• Engagement
• Indigenous
• International
• Learning and Teaching
• Professional Development
• Research


NOADD is led by a Convenor who is elected by the members every two years. The Convenor is responsible for coordinating NOADD activities and events and is an ex officio member of the DASSH Board.

The NOADD Convenor is supported by the Leaders of the Special Interest Groups, who are also elected biennially.

Activities and Events

The NOADD Leadership Team, supported by the DASSH office, organises regular meetings for NOADD members. NOADD meetings usually take place via online video conference to increase accessibility for members and reduce the environmental impact of the event.

Prior to each DASSH Conference, NOADD holds a pre-conference meeting for its members with extended opportunities for networking and discussion.

From time to time, members of NOADD or its Special Interest Groups are called upon by the DASSH Board to provide input into a public consultation, policy submission or other activity that aligns with their expertise.

Coming up

The NOADD Leadership Team is organising a series of online meetings throughout 2021. For details of these events, see the “Activities and Events” page.

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