DASSH Celebrates 20 Years

The Australasian Council of Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities is celebrating 20 years of representation, collaboration and connection this year.

From its early beginnings up until 2022 voluntary Boards have worked hard to represent our members from a grassroots level to the very highest levels of government. Presidents and Board members have gone on to hold leadership positions within the tertiary education sector, not only representing the disciplines of arts, social sciences and humanities but using the critical skills acquired through the study of them.

A lot has changed in the last 20 years and we will be exploring those changes and developments over the course of the year through interviews with past Presidents and Board members. We will be gathering to strategically and critically engage with the issue of the future of our disciplines and we will celebrate with a 20th Anniversary dinner during our conference in September.

We look forward to bridging the divide between Australia and New Zealand and other countries around the world where Deans are often facing the same set of challenges we are here. And we will be using this year to implement our strategic plan to engage with members, media, policy makers and the community to leverage the vast weight of knowledge and experience our membership and former leaders have to offer.

Take a look at our unfolding interview series with former DASSH leaders, starting with Professor John Germov, President from 2013-2015.

20 years of DASSH: Retrospect and strategy for our disciplines

9-11am, Friday July 8, 2022

Universities Australia Conference (Day 3)


FREE with no UA Conference registration required

To mark the twentieth anniversary of DASSH in 2022, this roundtable will offer a retrospective on two decades of transformations in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities. A range of national and international perspectives will act as a form of provocation, a departure point from which participants will be invited to discuss and imagine the next twenty years in the life of our disciplines.

What will the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities look like in 2042? How might these disciplines evolve to meet the growing challenges of the 21st century, both at home and abroad? How might our own understanding of epochs and eras, of social, political and cultural transformation,  help us negotiate the educational landscape of the coming decades?

An initial presentation by Professor Stephen Garton AM, a founding member of DASSH and current Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor at the University of Sydney will investigate the past 20 years in the humanities, arts and social sciences disciplines.

Professor Stephen Garton AM

Professor Stephen Garton AM is a historian. He was Dean of the Arts Faculty at the University of Sydney (2001-2009) and in that capacity was one of the founding Deans of DASSH. Subsequently he became Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Sydney (2009-2019) and then Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor (2019-2021). He is now Principal Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor at the University of Sydney. Of late he has become interested in the history of universities in Australia. His last book (co-authored with Julia Horne) was on the impact of the Dawkins reforms on universities in NSW and he is now a CI on an ARC project looking at the origins of Commonwealth funding of Australian higher education, especially through the Commonwealth Reconstruction Training scheme which funded returned service personnel to go to university, doubling the size of Australian universities almost overnight (although they explicitly excluded the humanities form research funding).

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